About Tinted

About tinted.

At Tinted, we believe radiating your energy is a way of life, and we strive to create a community to be the best version of ourselves + each other. 

Tinted Apparel is a clothing brand created by Sierra and is based in Vancouver, BC.  Tinted started in July 2020, by solely creating tie-dye pieces all hand-dyed in her home studio. It quickly grew into a small business within the first month - shipping orders across Canada, the US, and overseas to Europe & Australia. As orders picked up quickly, Tinted officially launched their website a few months later, in December of 2020.

Fast forward to one year later, Tinted has since expanded to a clothing brand with graphic hoodies, sweat sets, and accessories. Create YOUR perfect loungewear combination and manifest your energy through our collections ranging from gentle reminders, to neutrals and bright colors.