Our Story | About Tinted

What We Stand For

We believe that paradise is synonymous with the best version of yourself, the life you always dreamed of, and the experiences that make you feel inspired. That’s why we live by the motto of creating paradise. 

Because paradise is not a destination but a journey, and building it isn't always easy. It takes hard work and a supportive community to help you get there — and that's where we come in. 

Join the Paradise Club and meet a growing group of like-minded people that share your passion for wellness, comfort, and creating your own paradise. Together, we can inspire each other to make our paradise a reality.


You Are Your Own Paradise  

We're all about helping you create your best self with unisex leisurewear collections that are simple, thoughtfully designed, and easy to move in. 

Each Tinted piece is a limited edition crafted with high-quality materials to make sure you are getting something special every time. From relaxing at home to hitting the gym, your pieces are meant to make you feel like every day is your own version of paradise.


Where We Come From  

Our founder, Sierra Sherritt, created Tinted in July 2020. What started as a passion for offering hand-dyed tie-dye pieces from her home studio quickly grew into a small business. 

Within the first month, she was shipping orders across Canada, the US, and overseas to Europe & Australia. A few months later, in December 2020, and thanks to the increasing demand for more pieces, she opened Tinted’s official website. Today, our small business is still proudly women-led and operated.